Synthogy Releases Ivory Upright Pianos

This virtual instrument collection offers the sampled sounds of classic and vintage upright pianos.
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Synthogy has added a new piano collection to its line of virtual instruments. Ivory Upright Pianos ($299) offers the sounds of four different upright pianos, which were sampled in up to ten velocity layers. For added realism, the pianos have release samples and a selectable layer of creaks and clunks that would typically be heard from real, old upright pianos. The four pianos selected for this collection are the Modern Upright (a Yamaha Model U5), the Vintage Upright (a 1914 A.M. Hume upright), Honky Tonk, Barroom Upright (a 1915 Packard upright), and the Tack Piano (a prepared piano from the early 1900s).

The Ivory Upright Pianos virtual instrument has over 50 GB of content, more than 5,000 samples, and comes with the Ivory piano engine. It works as a standalone instrument or as a plug-in with AU, VST, and RTAS hosts. Expect Ivory Upright Pianos to ship in March, 2008. For more information, visit or