The 2017 Editors’ Choice Awards

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In terms of music technology, 2016 was a banner year of innovation. While many new releases simply offered more of everything for less money, we’ve noticed a shift toward usefulness, in which manufacturers have designed products or added features that musicians and engineers actually need.

As a result, when EM’s editors and contributors put their heads together before the holidays, it was relatively easy to select 23 items worthy of an award. But we didn’t stop there. This issue marks the 25th anniversary of the Editors’ Choice Awards, and to celebrate, we also recognize a number of iconic past winners that changed the industry.

So please join us in congratulating this year’s winners, whose dedication to the craft of music making has brought forth a host of inspiring products for stage and studio.


4ms Dual Looping Delay

Arturia V Collection 5

Antelope Audio Zen Tour

Audionamix ADX VVC 3.0

Audulus 3

Celemony Melodyne 4 Studio

Dave Smith Instruments OB-6

Denon DJ MCX8000

iZotope Neutron

Electro-Harmonix Mel9

Keith McMillen Instruments K-Mix

Korg Minilogue

Lauten Audio LA-320

Overloud TH3

PreSonus R80

Roland System-8 Plug-Out Synthesizer

Rossum Electro-Music Evolution

Shure KSM8

Softube Modular

Spectrasonics Keyscape

Waves Nx Virtual Mix Room

Wizdom Music/moForte GeoShred

Yamaha Montage


Digital Audio Workstations

Software Synthesizers

Alesis ADAT

Cycling ’74 Max

Kurzweil K2000/2500/2600

Mackie 8-bus

Nord Lead

Radial Engineering Workhorse

Roland V-Drums

Royer R-121

Universal Audio UAD-2

Yamaha Ø2R