Toolbox March 2010

Denon DJ DN-HP500 What Professional headphones Why Produce clean audio while withstanding the highvolume demands of today’s DJs.

Denon DJ DN-HP500

What Professional headphones
Why Produce clean audio while withstanding the highvolume demands of today’s DJs. How 1,300mW input power, 40mm driver, 40 Ohms impedance, 103dB output, 10Hz–28kHz frequency response, and 90-degree swivel mechanism, with comfortable ear pad and headband for prolonged periods of use.
Price $99 MSRP, $69 street

SPL The Vitalizer


What Audio processing plug-in
Why This legendary, patented filter technology for sound optimizing has finally been transferred to the digital domain.
How Bass, mid and top processing, unmasking of overlapping sounds, adjustable soft and tight low frequencies, and ideal sound patterns for electronic sounds/genres.
Price $345


Tonehammer Tablas Vol. 2: Multi Samples

What Sample library
Why Worked with tabla master and jazz percussionist Sameer Gupta to capture a range of tabla rhythm, melody, and soul.
How Includes a range of over 40 unique tabla and bayan (the bass drum) articulations and over 2,300 samples, designed to provide the most realistic, high-fidelity, playable, and dynamic tabla multi-sample instrument ever attempted. This library was recorded close and dry, in a high-ceiling wood and masonry studio to provide the ideal balance of intimacy and sympathetic resonance.
Price $79

API 527 Compressor


What Hardware compressor
Why Includes API’s “Thrust” circuit, which was first offered on the 2,500 stereo bus compressor.
How Features comprehensive controls including variable attack, release, ratio, output gain conrols, and a ten-segment LED meter which switches between gain reduction and output level.
Price $995

Boss VE-20 Vocal Performer


What Quality effects processing stompbox
Why Ideal for all types of vocal expression, including traditional singing, narration, and beat boxing.
How Comes with the effects you need to add flair to your vocal performance. With the click of a footswitch, lush vocal doubling and harmonies, realtime pitch correction, delay, reverb, limiting, and special effects such as Distortion, Robot, Chromatic, Radio, and Strobe can be added. Layers and loops can also be created in real time with the onboard Phrase Looper.
Price $343

Arturia Hip Hop Producer


What Bundle of all things hip-hop
Why Includes virtual instruments and a hip-hop sample collection in a user-friendly digital audio workstation.
How Live Lite 8, Analog Factory Hip-Hop Edition brings you 250 high quality synths, Lounge Lizard Session delivers four electric pianos with effects, and the ModernBeats Hip Hop bank comes with more than 1,200 samples and more than 30 MIDI loops.
Price $129

Puremagnetik Max Fuel


What The first bundle for Ableton Live
Why Will include numerous audio processors and instruments alongside other sound manipulation devices.
How By utilizing the open framework of Max for Live, any Ableton Live 8 user can fully explore the potential of Cycling ’74’s celebrated Max/MSP environment. Max Fuel will give the end user a professionally developed suite of tools to work with.
Price TBD, Spectral Mixer available for free download


Akai RPM8

What High-end studio monitors
Why Monitors have been specifically tuned for use with the company’s MPC music production workstations and controllers.
How The two-way monitors each feature an eight-inch wovenkevlar low-frequency driver with 80W RMS of continuous amplification for full bass all the way down to 39Hz. The monitors’ high-frequency system consists of a one-inch silk-dome tweeter with 40W RMS of continuous amplification, mounted on a custom, functionally optimized waveguide for control of directivity and reduction of unwanted early reflections.
Price $699 MSRP, $499 street (each)