Unique Recording Software Announces Everything Bundle 3.0


URS (Unique Recording Software) has announced the Everything Bundle 3.0 (Mac/Win: $2,299.99 TDM; $1,149.99 native), which includes the URS FullTec Program EQ that is designed to map to the Digideaign Icon D-Control Master EQ section. The plug-in is a 5-band EQ: one band is modeled after the Pultec EQP-1's low-frequency shelving with simultaneous boost and attenuation; three mid bands offer peak equalization modeled after themidrange boost and attenuation of the Pultec MEQ-5 and the high frequency boost of the Pultec EQP-1a (each peak EQ band has its own Q control); and the final band offers high-frequency shelving with simultaneous boost and attenuation.

The Everything Bundle supports Windows XP; Pro Tools 6.4.1 and OS X 10.3.4; Pro Tools 5.3.1 and Mac OS 9; and TDM for Pro Tools|HD Accel, Pro Tools|HD, and Pro Tools 24|MIX systems. The upgrade from Everything Bundle 2.0 is free. Demos are available online, but an iLok is required to use the plug-in. For more information, visit the URS Web site. http://www.ursplugins.com