VirSyn Releases Poseidon 1.3

VirSyn has released Poseidon 1.3, which offers several new features and bugfixes.
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VirSyn Poseidon 1.3 offers a handful of new features: a "Waterfall" spectrum display for better visualization of the sound model; a tracking parameter for the residual noise component, which allows for more realistic and artistic usage of filtered noise in sounds; 80 added presets; and 29 new sound models.

No update would be complete without some bugfixes as well. Poseidon 1.3's MIDI program change messages now work with closed GUI; its Mac and RTAS settings are now stored properly; and the attack time of the amplitude envelope now goes down to zero milliseconds for immediate attacks.

A time-limited demo version is available here. Also check out a demo tune that uses only the new presets and soundmodels.