Wave Arts Announces MultiDynamics and Power Suite bundle


Wave Arts has announced MultiDynamics ($149.95) and the Power Suite bundle ($499.95). MultiDynamics is a multi-band dynamics processor for mastering, noise reduction, volume maximization, and de-essing. It provides up to 6 bands, with independent compression or expansion/gating per band. A proprietary crossover filter network (with 18 dB-per-octave and 30 dB-per-octave crossovers) eliminates amplitude distortion between bands. Each band has bypass, solo, and mute controls; adjustable knee settings and look-ahead capabilities; and mono or stereo operation.

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Power Suite puts all of the Wave Arts plug-ins in one bundle. Included are TrackPlug, a 10 band EQ/compressor/gate; MasterVerb, a reverb; WaveSurround, for stereo spatial enhancement; MultiDynamics, with six bands of dynamics processing; and FinalPlug mastering limiter and volume maximizer. Existing customers can get a discount on Power Suite by subtracting $100 for each version-4 product owned, or $50 off for each version-3 plug-in.

Wave Arts plug-ins are available for Windows (DX, VST), Mac OS X (AU, VST, MAS, RTAS), and OS 9 (VST, MAS, RTAS). For more information and free 30-day demos, visit www.wavearts.com.