Yamaha Introduces MO Synthesizers

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Yamaha has introduced the MO Synthesizers, including the 61-key MO6 ($1,499) and 88-key MO8 ($1,999), which draw on the technology of the Yamaha Motif ES. Designed to be portable and compact, the MO Series is also useful in live performance applications. The sounds include a full complement of instrument Voices and Drum Kits, as well as a number of modern and vintage synthesizers. For sound shaping and signal processing, the MO features sharp, responsive filters with comprehensive real-time knob control, and a set of onboard effects (reverb, chorus, EQ, Master, and three separate Insertion blocks).

The music production tools include a built-in Song/Pattern sequencer, with the same Phrase Factory capabilities found in the Motif ES. The Arpeggio feature provides more than 1,700 sequenced phrases that can be controlled interactively with the keyboard. The Master mode function allows the MO to be used as a master keyboard controller (with independent Zones), and to be easily reconfigured between Voice/Performance play and Song/Pattern play in live applications.

Category search will quickly call up desired sounds, while Performance mode will combine up to four different voices in layers or a keyboard split. The MO will integrate into computer music systems and features full remote control of DAW software, including transport and mix controls, as well as track arming, muting, and soloing. There are editing capabilities for soft synth plug-ins directly from the front panel and the Motif ES-sized LCD display. A new feature on the MO Series is the inclusion of global templates to easily configure the keyboard to work with computer software.

Additional computer-oriented features include two USB (To Host and To Device) connections and a built-in coaxial digital output, plus compatibility with Yamaha's powerful Voice Editor and Multi Part Editor software. The MO6 will be in stores in January, 2006. For more information, visit www.yamahasynth.com.