Company unveils new compact Expression Tremolo pedal with adjustable foot control for on-the-fly effects manipulation

Ernie Ball, the world's premier manufacturer of guitar strings, musical instrument accessories and volume pedals, introduces the new Ernie Ball Expression Tremolo Pedal, designed specifically to deliver foot-sweepable tremolo control, all without taking your hands off your guitar. The Expression Tremolo Pedal gives players more sonic expression than traditional stomp pedals in a roadworthy stunning violet and gold gloss metal casing.

The Expression Tremolo Pedal features a sleek, compact design that maximizes playability, while providing a minimized footprint on stage or as part of a pedal board. Incorporating a virtually limitless tonal palette that simply can't be matched by traditional "on/off" stompboxes, the Expression Tremolo Pedal is constructed with a sealed aircraft-grade aluminum chassis that offers improved mechanical and electrical protection.

Features include:

● Five different tremolo waveforms: Slow Rise, Slow Fall, Sine, Square, Harmonic

● Control depth, rate, or both simultaneously with foot control

● Spring reverb level adjustment

● Mono Input/Mono Output

● 9V Input (power supply not included)

The Ernie Ball Expression Tremolo Pedal is available now at $249.00 SRP